The reality of Coronavirus, climate change, and global political upheaval is that leaders will increasingly operate in the context of crisis. Being an effective leader when your company faces an existential threat requires a particular mindset, knowledge, and skills sometimes described as being a “Wartime CEO.”  

Yet few management experts or CEOs have experience with war and misconstrue what it takes to lead in the midst of crisis or conflict. They rely on incorrect tropes about wartime and generals, emphasizing hard power, unilateral action, and tactics. The reality is that personal power, agility, communications, and strategy are more important in crisis than ever. This bootcamp helps leaders develop into true Wartime CEOs – those who can turn crisis into opportunity, gain the loyalty and trust of their employees, and thrive in the most difficult conditions.

This bootcamp is facilitated by Megan Karsh, an international conflict advisor to the United Nations. She has worked on institution-building in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya and led a $7.2-million organization funded by the US Dept of State in the aftermath of a terrorist attack in 2016. She teaches at Stanford Law School and advises executives throughout Silicon Valley, so easily analogizes and distinguishes between crises and conflicts.

The bootcamp kicks off with an orientation session to set goals and norms for the bootcamp. You then meet virtually with your coach twice per month for 90 minutes for 3 months. Each session consists of structured exercises, facilitated exploration of issues and open space to work through relevant areas for growth.

Price: $1750/month for 3 months

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How does it work


Complete the application below to help us make sure that the bootcamp is best tailored to your needs, stage, and growth opportunities.

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We will then schedule a 30 minute video call with you to help us make sure that the Bootcamp is the best fit for you.


Once you are confirmed for the bootcamp, we will send you details to schedule our first orientation session, and tentative holds for your calendar for the remainder of the bootcamp sessions. The orientation will be an intensive session to set the goals and groundwork for the bootcamp and to set you up to get the most out of the bootcamp, including communication norms and onboarding into The (em) Collective.

Meet Virtually

You will then meet with your coach 1:1 two times a month for 90 minutes virtually (via video conference) and work through the bootcamp material. You will receive tailored guidance on how to implement the new skills into your work, leadership and life. The bootcamp will involve readings, exercises and guided experimentation with the new skills.

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