Learn how to make sure you are getting the right things done as a leader, and make sure that nothing important is falling through the cracks. Learn and practice habits to make your time allocation and management the most effective it can be.

The bootcamp draws from the latest negotiation theory, behavioral science and psychology and provides tactical training on how to manage your time efficiently and prioritize your work, to make you an impactful leader. You will learn how to scale yourself as a leader, manage your team's time and make sure your team is efficiently working on the right things.

The bootcamp kicks off with an orientation session to set goals and norms for the bootcamp. You will then meet with your coach two times a month virtually (via video conference) for 90 minutes for 3 months.

Each session consists of structured exercises, facilitated exploration of issues and open space to work through relevant areas for growth.

The intention of your bootcamp is to give you tools that are easy to implement for more effective use of your most precious commodity - your attention and your time.

Price: $1750/month for 3 months

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How does it work


Complete the application below to help us make sure that the bootcamp is best tailored to your needs, stage, and growth opportunities.

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We will then schedule a 30 minute video call with you to help us make sure that the Bootcamp is the best fit for you.


Once you are confirmed for the bootcamp, we will send you details to schedule our first orientation session, and tentative holds for your calendar for the remainder of the bootcamp sessions. The orientation will be an intensive session to set the goals and groundwork for the bootcamp and to set you up to get the most out of the bootcamp, including communication norms and onboarding into The (em) Collective.

Meet Virtually

You will then meet with your coach 1:1 two times a month for 90 minutes virtually (via video conference) and work through the bootcamp material. You will receive tailored guidance on how to implement the new skills into your work, leadership and life. The bootcamp will involve readings, exercises and guided experimentation with the new skills.

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