The (em) Collective provides group training for teams and leaders, focused on helping your people build to be the leaders they can be. The (em) Collective uses our signature style of training based on the latest research from management sciences, negotiation theory and behavioral sciences and proven in the toughest international peace-building operations, start-up building and state-building, to help our clients build companies and teams that work better, together.

The (em) Collective provides training to help your team collaborate better, together. We provide trainings on topics that include interpersonal influence, negotiation, emotion regulation, managing difficult conversations and conflict and more.

1:1 Bootcamps

The 1:1 bootcamps are an opportunity for your people to dive deep on one particular skill with an (em) Collective coach. Each bootcamp draws from the latest management and leadership science, negotiation theory, behavioral science, and psychology and provides tactical training on topics from interpersonal influence, the first building blocks of leadership and management, to leading and managing as an "only".

The bootcamp kicks off with an orientation session over video conference to set goals and norms for the bootcamp. Your people will then meet with their coach 1:1, two times a month virtually (via video conference) for 90 minutes, for 3 months.

Each session consists of structured exercises, facilitated exploration of issues and open space to work through relevant areas for growth.

How does it work?


We do an intensive orientation session with each person that is signed up for a 1:1 bootcamp, to set the goals with the coach and set the groundwork for the bootcamp. This sets each team member up to get the most out of the bootcamp, including communication norms and onboarding into The (em) Collective.

Meet Virtually

Each person will then meet with their coach 1:1 two times a month for 90 minutes virtually (via video conference) and work through the bootcamp material. They will receive tailored guidance on how to implement the new skills into their work, leadership and life. The bootcamp will involve readings, exercises and guided experimentation with the new skills.

Bootcamps That Are Right for Your Team

Mastering The Emotions

New Leaders & Managers

New Leaders & Managers in Startups

Persuasion & Influence

Leading as an "Only"

Time Management & Prioritization


Group your team into peer groups, focused on their personal and professional growth. Each Collective is facilitated by an (em) Collective coach, and includes 4-5 other carefully selected peers, each selected to create a safe, supportive and educational space to maximize your people's growth as a leaders and managers.

The Collective kicks off with an initial training and orientation session. The group then meets two times a month virtually (via video conference) for 90 minutes.

Each session consists of structured exercises, facilitated exploration of issues and open space to work through relevant areas for growth for the group.

The intention of your Collective is to create life-long relationships with a group of supportive peers committed to helping you grow as a person and a leader.

How does it work

Orientation & Leadership Bootcamp

Once each person is placed in a Collective, we will send them details to schedule the online orientation. The session will be facilitated by one of The (em) Collective's coaches and focus on setting ground rules and some introductory skills such as communication training, interpersonal dynamics exercises and more.

Meet Virtually

The Collective will then meet two times a month for 90 minutes virtually (via video conference). By joining a Collective each person is making a commitment to be present for these session and their fellow Collective members. We understand that life happens, and allow for participants to miss up to two sessions. This is an important commitment to ensure that the Collective facilitates growth for all members.

Something Else?

We work with organizations of all sized to help them build teams who have a smart, strategic and scientific approach to leadership and collaboration. We would love to partner to provide a training for your team!

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See what people are saying

Learning different styles of negotiation and how to adopt different strategies in different situations was so useful. Since we have sister teams that work very closely with us on overlapping domains, what I learned will be extremely helpful in my day-to-day job. The workshop exercises are very engaging and really simulate the real-world scenarios where we have to mine useful information among a myriad of data sources for gaining leverage.

Engineer at Google

Excellent at preparing individuals to navigate ever-changing project dynamics and professional trajectories.

Attorney at a Large Law Firm

Megan is concerned with her training attendees having tangible outcomes and works hard to keep attendees engaged and confident. I can’t thank her enough for showing me that I already have more power than I realized in negotiation.

Executive in the Entertainment Industry

[The (em) Collective] showed me a model of how to be very practical and positively self-advocating without coming off as ruthless or selfish. This is something I have seen many examples of with men, but rarely any culturally accepted female role models.

Senior Software Engineer at Tech Company

It was a great workshop! The simulations are fun, well organized, and challenging, and the debriefs were enlightening. The best part of the course, though, is Megan, who is just an amazing facilitator. She is a great teacher, she’s incredibly knowledgeable, and she’s really nice. Complete package.

PM at Google

The women’s leadership coaching circle was the best professional development experience I have had, including my MBA coursework.

Lauren, Executive Director

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